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Best Online Slots to Play in New Zealand


Everybody loves a spin on an online slot these days, but in New Zealand people are completely bonkers for pokies, simply because there are so many quality online slots to play in 2021.

Seriously, for kiwis it can be seriously hard to choose from the best slots 2021 to play because there are so many excellent choices available. We’re here to help though, keep reading for the best online slots to play in New Zealand.

New Zealand: A great place for online slots

Out of all the countries in the world the wonderful island nation of New Zealand has one of the most intense passions for playing online slots, colloquially often known as pokies. There are several reasons for this, however the main one is that, like in the UK, New Zealand authorities have passed a series of motions and laws that allow for online casino companies to thrive, … Read the rest

Free bingo games to try

What’s better than playing a game of bingo? Playing a game of bingo which is absolutely free! Free bingo games are some of the most enjoyable games out there right now and the best part is that they are easy to try – also check out Starburst Slingo.

What is Free Bingo

Free bingo is incredibly simple to understand, it is a game of bingo which is completely free to play! This means that there is no deposit required and players don’t have to spend a single penny in order to play. Free bingo is an incredibly popular way to play the game, with many players looking out for the offers which allow them to do this. The main way that players can play free bingo is through a promotion and offer known as no deposit bingo. This type of bingo is similar to the original game with the … Read the rest

Do all New Slot Titles Receive Free Spins as a Welcome?

Do all New Slot Titles Receive Free Spins as a Welcome?

Every online casino gamer who has dabbled with the slots, even slightly, will know the free spin upon welcome deal. It is inevitable! Online slot game developers and sites such as easyslots.com know what they are doing and they want you to be playing their games.

This turns out to actually be very convenient for you because most igamers will also want to play their slot games too! This means that when there are new online slot titles, often, players will be presented with a free spins welcome offer to entice them in.

Although it seems to be normal for this to happen, it leaves quite a lot of avid slotters wondering whether all new slot titles grant players a bunch of free spins to play their game as a nice welcome. Knowing the answer to this will leave … Read the rest

Bingo Slot Machine Games

Bingo Slot Machine Games

Today, we have slot machine games from all levels of complexity. They can be highly approachable at one instance, while they can be a completely different story in a different setting. What twists things even further are the regulations that underlie the slot games and have to be followed at all costs – check out some of the best games at barbadosbingo.com.

Slot machine owners further have a job of keeping track of all the types of slot machines they are allowed to operate at the premises. The two slot machine categories that are normally considered in this regard are Class II and Class III. Here, we will give you a quick review of the Class II slot machine games or the famous Bingo Slot Machine games.

What are Bingo Slot Machine Games?

As the name indicates, Bingo Slot Machines are the ones where you … Read the rest