VAN NUYS, Calif. – Moticont in Van Nuys, Calif., is introducing the DDLM-038-051-01 high-force-low cost non-commutated linear actuator for new and existing applications — especially for upgrading from a pneumatic system.

This enclosed linear actuator, also called an electric cylinder, measures 1.5 inches in diameter with a housing length of two inches long. It develops 3.1 pounds of continuous force and 9.9 pounds of peak force at 10 percent duty cycle. It has a stroke of 0.375 inches.

Zero cogging and direct coupling of the actuator to the load results in zero backlash and enables smooth high acceleration and deceleration, motion control, and high-speed positioning.

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The 0.25-inch diameter shaft has an internal thread on each end, for a total length of 3.8.75 inches, and extends 1.375 inches past the mounting ends of the actuator. The shaft extends thru the 9/16-18 UNF by 0.25-inch long threaded stud at each end of the housing for mounting the DDLM-038-051-01 linear actuator.

Long-life plain linear bearings support the internal shaft at both ends of the actuator and can tolerate a side load as strong as 5.4 pounds. Internal return springs are optional.

Controllable force, stroke length, speed, low noise, and maintenance free, the DDLM-038-051-01 can be used with a position sensor and controller for repeatability, accuracy, and high throughput in a closed-loop servo system.

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