Do all New Slot Titles Receive Free Spins as a Welcome?

Do all New Slot Titles Receive Free Spins as a Welcome?

Do all New Slot Titles Receive Free Spins as a Welcome?

Every online casino gamer who has dabbled with the slots, even slightly, will know the free spin upon welcome deal. It is inevitable! Online slot game developers and sites such as know what they are doing and they want you to be playing their games.

This turns out to actually be very convenient for you because most igamers will also want to play their slot games too! This means that when there are new online slot titles, often, players will be presented with a free spins welcome offer to entice them in.

Although it seems to be normal for this to happen, it leaves quite a lot of avid slotters wondering whether all new slot titles grant players a bunch of free spins to play their game as a nice welcome. Knowing the answer to this will leave your pocket full of free spins as you get to test out the latest slot titles!

What are the Free Spins Welcome for New Slot Titles?

We might have to slow it down just a tad for the newbies on the scene. When every online casino gamer starts out, there are always a bunch of phrases and jargon that baffles them. So, we want to introduce you to what the free spin welcome on new slot titles is exactly:

  • Free Spins – As you may be able to guess from the name, free spins are essentially spins on an online slot machine that does not cost the player anything because they are at the detriment of the house.
  • How do you get them? – Free spins can be won, in-game, by getting bonus rounds, matches, and through other rewards. But, they are often received when a new slot title drops because the developers will want igamers to try out the new game!
  • How they work – Simply enough, if you have received free spins in whichever means you got them, you will be able to pull the lever in that specific slot game for no cost whatsoever. You can still win any loot that you manage to snag, but, you do not spend any cash… what could be better!
  • Do all new slot titles offer free spins as a welcome? – It would be nice to think that all of them do because then you could hop around the newest slots and receive all the free spins. Luckily for you, most of them do! Try out the latest slot releases and see if you can win any big bucks.

Should you play the Newest Slot Titles to Receive Free Spins as a Welcome?

To some players, this might seem a little convoluted and time-consuming. This is why we have listed the pros and cons of playing new slot game title releases to receive the free spins:

Pros Cons
Get to play new slot title releases Can be a waste of time
Free spins mean free cash The games may not be good
Try out the newest games The free spins may be fruitless
Do not spend a penny You know that slot games that bring you cash