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Five Factors to Consider When Choosing Motorless Magnetic Stirrers

You have decided that it is time for your laboratory to switch from traditional stir plates to motorless magnetic stirring with stir bars. After all, you are always busy in the laboratory and constantly developing new ingredients combinations. The lab has not seen much action since you got that new stir plate with the cool-looking stirring bar. That is, until now. While you are at it, consider these five factors.

1. Power

The power of a motorless stir plate is measured in amperes of rotational torque of the stirring bar. Ensure that the magnetic stirring device has enough strength to go against all your ingredients.

2. Digital Display

A digital display makes a stirrer more user-friendly and easier to use as it provides clear readings of torque, rotation speed, and interface. Ensure you consider the efficiency of your stirrer’s digital display before purchasing it from any online platform such as … Read the rest