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Why surveying the American public can help us change capitalism

The fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the need for business leadership more clearly than ever. Americans increasingly trust business leaders to serve as societal leaders. And inequality and racial injustice have put a fine point on how urgent the challenge is. As a result, the stakeholder capitalism movement is gathering real momentum.

But changing capitalism isn’t easy. It needs new voices at the table, new narratives, and a better grasp of what value creation means. And it necessitates the development of new systems for defining what drives business success, for gathering data, and for measuring and reporting performance. 

JUST Capital has carved out a unique role in this transition by providing a credible and unbiased assessment of how America’s largest corporations are doing on the stakeholder criteria of greatest importance to the public, as well as the tools, products, and programs that actually drive change. 

As last Saturday’s Read the rest

President Trump and the rise of toxic masculinity politics

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! A MacArthur Genius will use his grant to support his spouse’s work, the new political statement is a hot pink suit, and we examine the rise of toxic masculinity politics. Have a restful weekend.

– Toxic masculinity. As we enter the final stretch of the U.S. presidential campaign, I recommend this new NPR piece by Danielle Kurtzleben, which investigates the role masculinity is now playing in American politics, and the way in which our current President has, as she puts it, “weaponized” these retrograde ideas of maleness and machismo.

It’s no secret that President Trump has built his public persona around hyper-masculine tropes, always presenting himself as the strongest, most aggressive man in the room—unconcerned about stereotypically feminine ideas like caregiving or empathy. For anyone who needs examples of these behaviors, the NPR story is chockablock with them, from Trump’s refusal to wear a mask … Read the rest

America Ferrera: Latinas are essential members of society—and deserve equal pay

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Senators grill tech CEOs, women strike in Poland, and America Ferrera has a call to action on Latina Equal Pay Day. Have a powerful Thursday.

Today’s guest essay comes to us from actor and activist America Ferrera, which you can also read and share here.

– Pay us. Nearly 60 years after the Equal Pay Act became law, Latina workers, on average, are still paid only 67 cents on the dollar compared to white men. That’s regardless of industry, age, location, career length, or education level—67 cents on the dollar. Which means Latinas had to work all of 2019 and right through 2020 until today just to earn what white men in the same field earned in 2019 alone.

This pervasive Latina pay gap tells the story that our work, our families, and our lives are valued less. So let’s be clear: Our value … Read the rest

Voters are worried about violence and safety at the polls

Gary Kauffman says he does not scare easily. So when men waving President Donald Trump flags drive by his house in downtown Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, he stands on his front steps and waves a banner for Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

“Sometimes I yell at them. They yell back at me,” says Kauffman, 54.

Still, Kauffman is keeping a closer eye on who they are and what they’re carrying as Election Day approaches. Tension has been rising in his town, known best as hallowed ground of the Civil War’s bloodiest battle. Recently, it’s become a hot spot of angry confrontations between Trump supporters and liberal protesters. Kauffman has seen some of the Trump supporters carrying weapons.

“If there’s guns, I’m a bit more cautious,” he said on Monday.

Americans aren’t accustomed to worrying about violence or safety ahead of an election. It’s a luxury afforded by years of largely peaceful … Read the rest

Startup co-founded by A.I. heavy-hitters debuts editing tool it hopes will ‘transform writing’

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Today, editing is a manual, human process. Spelling and grammar checking software, such as the one built into Microsoft Word or the grammar checker Grammarly, can suggest when a word is incorrectly used or a comma misplaced. But it can’t recommend an entirely different way of writing a sentence to convey the same idea.

Now AI21 Labs, an Israeli startup co-founded by two well-known machine learning researchers and several veterans of an elite Israeli military intelligence unit, has debuted an A.I.-enabled editing tool that does exactly that. It can suggest variations of different lengths and tones, as well as help users find the best word to use in a particular circumstance.

“We are developing a true writing companion, a co-writer as opposed to a copyeditor,” … Read the rest