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Why innovation is the key to sustainable business

Running a business is no easy thing.  For the past 18 years, I’ve been on that journey of entrepreneurship. A journey filled with buzzwords like MVPs, scaling, growth, hustle, work-life balance and whatever else fake gurus say on YouTube to sound fancy.

And let me tell you, it’s a tough path to be on. The world really does not care about you, your business, your dreams and what you want. One second you’re on top of the world, and on the very next there’s a global pandemic happening and all of a sudden what you worked so hard and so long for can crumble in front of you.Unless you were running a Big Pharma company, you know what I’m talking about. I’m not a fake guru, I don’t sell courses.

I sell franchises.

For the past decade, my business partner and I have built Fantastic Services from just us two … Read the rest

April 2021 Hub updates: changelog & releases 

We built the Hub by GoDaddy Pro to streamline workflows and shave time off tasks that typically eat up a workday. But we aren’t done yet. You can keep track of our progress here, as we regularly publish our updates to this platform custom made for web designer and developers.

April 2021 Hub updates:

Site maintenance packs — You can now upgrade sites individually to get site maintenance packs, which include an array of automated tools to keep that site healthy:

  • Backups: Schedule backups weekly, daily, every 12 hours or every six hours. You can then select and download any backup you need to restore.
  • Performance checks: Schedule and view automated performance checks on a weekly or daily basis.
  • Security checks: Schedule automated checks on a weekly or daily basis and receive alerts if an indicator of compromise is detected.
  • Uptime monitoring: Automated, continuous monitoring sends you
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Post-pandemic worker shortage puts Brexit to the test

Cristian quit his job at an upmarket hotel in Cambridgeshire in July. The 34-year-old from Romania had climbed the ladder from waiter to operations manager during his 16 years working in the hospitality industry.

He now works 30-hour weeks for a local supermarket as an assistant manager and delivers parcels on Friday and Sunday to make ends meet.

“The world of hospitality has changed a lot. It’s not attractive anymore,” says the father-of-one, who asked for his surname not to be used. “It’s just not worth it.”

Cristian cannot name the single root cause of his dissatisfaction with working in the sector, but 24-hour work shifts, a lack of a pay progression, and understaffing have all been contributing factors.

However, it was the uncertainty around the future for pubs, bars and restaurants fuelled by the pandemic that proved the last straw.

Cristian is among reams of workers who have abandoned … Read the rest

How to get backlinks to a small business website

This article was originally published on June 16, 2016, and was updated on July 23, 2019 and May 3, 2021. 

Why should you want to learn how to get backlinks to your small business website?

Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors of search engines like Google. The more, highly-relevant backlinks you get for your website, the more likely you are to show up when someone searches for something relevant to your business.

While you may not be able to compete against big brands with million-dollar online marketing budgets on media buying, you can take steps to increase your organic rankings through backlinks — which can be incredibly valuable for local SEO.

There is good news. You don’t need a massive marketing budget to improve your search engine rankings.

You don’t need fancy tricks or even a lot of in-depth knowledge of how the internet works (though it … Read the rest

Hopes rise for overseas travel to dozens of green list countries

Hopes of a summer holiday in Europe were boosted yesterday with the possibility of non-essential travel to destinations such as Portugal and Malta as soon as mid-May.

It is likely that limited overseas trips will be permitted in just over two weeks’ time, with experts saying that an initial “green list” is likely to include up to 24 countries.

Meanwhile, France announced that Britons will be able to travel there from the start of June provided they have proof of being vaccinated.

Further good news for tourists came as it was revealed that the cost of coronavirus tests for holidaymakers has dropped to as little as £45 each under government plans to force down prices.

Across England coronavirus cases have fallen to record lows, with every region in the country reporting reductions in the infection rate. Experts say the UK as a whole is moving out of the pandemic and … Read the rest

8 tips for getting into Gutenberg development

Let’s face it. Gutenberg still has room to grow. As WordPress developers and designers, you will have to grow along with it. And while you might have tried it before, it’s getting constant updates to improve its functionality and effectiveness.

If you try Gutenberg and it doesn’t quite do what you need yet, try it again every 6 months or so for something small. It’s getting better all the time and the ecosystem of block plugins around it is also growing. This is worth doing because getting familiar with Gutenberg is a great way to future proof your websites, skills and services in a competitive industry.

—Gabe Mays, GoDaddy, Director of Product Management – WordPress

Released in 2017 and named after the inventor of the printing press, this new editor is designed to make WordPress easier for your clients to use. It’s taken some time for WordPress developers and designers … Read the rest

Selecting Project Managers

What we want to see today is a very high glass-to-plastic ratio, and there’s a lot of plastic on the G1.I bought the G1 for the physical keyboard, and until Android 1.5 it was a necessity.

bbc business data currency

Corporate planning is a unique business process that is carried out in almost all big organisations to forecast the development of the organisation and to monitor its growth. It’s also a little frustrating that Apple doesn’t offer an option to purchase content and leave it in the cloud for streaming. rexrothpneumatics We’re sure there are lots of parents who’d like to have their kids’ favorite movies on tap whenever they want them without having to crack a laptop or boot up a second machine, and plenty of other consumers want to revisit favorites. Amazon has a better idea with its purchasing options, providing a dedicated basket where you can access … Read the rest

Queen helps sex toy brand Lovehoney hit new heights with award

Britain’s biggest sex toy brand has been given royal approval with an award from the Queen.

Lovehoney will be able to use Her Majesty’s emblem in advertising, marketing and on packaging for the next five years.

Since 2015 the online retailer’s overseas sales have grown from £12 million to £56 million, offering a wide range of products from lingerie to bondage toys.

The growth has been recognised with the Queen’s Award for Enterprise, which is described as “the highest accolade for business success”.

Debbie Bond, chief commercial officer of Lovehoney, said: “We are thrilled to have received official recognition from the Queen.

“Her Majesty has been a wonderful supporter of Lovehoney as we have grown into being the world’s leading sexual wellness brand.

“Royal patronage will help us to create more jobs at our Bath headquarters and in our international offices and spread the sexual happiness message globally.

“The Queen … Read the rest

Co-op to ditch plastic ‘bags for life’ over pollution concerns

The Co-operative Group is to stop selling plastic “bags for life” because, with many shoppers using them only once, they have become as big a problem as the single-use carriers they replaced.

With more than 1.5 billion “bags for life” sold each year Jo Whitfield, the chief executive of Co-op Food, said plastic pollution was a “massive issue” for retailers. “Many shoppers are regularly buying so called “bags for life” to use just once and it’s leading to a major hike in the amount of plastic being produced,” she explained.

While plastic bag levies have led to a dramatic reduction in the number of single-use bags in circulation environmental campaigners are now concerned about the impact of “bags for life” which use more plastic. Their sale, in huge quantities, is feared to be making the plastic problem worse rather than better.

Earlier this month Morrisons became the first supermarket to … Read the rest

Remote work apps to keep you productive, creative and connected on the move

This post was originally published on April 30, 2019, and was updated on March 16, 2020 and April 30, 2021.

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of people working remotely has doubled. We are living in a time where working remotely is fast becoming the ‘new normal.

If you’re working from home or ‘out of the office’, the right remote work apps can help you keep your operations running smoothly if you need to work outside your traditional place of business. If you’re looking to keep your work outside of the office fluent, functional and sustainably successful, having the right tools matters.

Here we’re going to look at the remote work apps that will help you remain productive, creative, and most importantly, connected, wherever you are in the world.

The best remote work apps for staying productive

In this guide, we’ll be covering remote work apps within … Read the rest