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Is Customer Support Important to Online Slot Players?

Customer satisfaction in the online world has witnessed new highs over the last decade. Customers can find every bit of information regarding their purchase online to ensure they are paying for the right thing. This evolution has also made its way towards the online casino industry, allowing players to make informed choices regarding their casino free spins no deposit slot games. A significant part of this evolution is linked to effective customer support.

Since the online casinos are still evolving, online slot players are likely to need professional help for various aspects of the game. But mostly, they avoid going for customer support as it is known to be time-consuming. However, with improvements in place, casino customer support nowadays has proven helpful in enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Signs of Effective Customer Support in Online Casinos

We believe that most of the online slot players are still unsure of the … Read the rest

4 Questions Answered About Refinancing Your Mortgage


Are you thinking about refinancing your home? There are times when getting a new mortgage makes sense so long as the benefits outweigh the costs. Here are some answers to your questions about refinancing your mortgage.

1. What is Refinancing?

By refinancing, you take the principal you’ve built up to pay off the existing loan and then take out a new loan for the balance, meaning the loan amount will hopefully be less. People do this for a number of reasons. One is to reduce the mortgage payment. If the interest rate is now lower than it was when you first bought your house, refinancing can mean smaller payments.

Or if you’ve got some equity built up and your home is now more valuable than it was when you bought it, you can refinance and take cash out for other purposes. Your loan will increase in that case, but … Read the rest

How Bed Bath Beyonds CEO Killed its Trademark Coupons and Turned The Retailer Around

Coupons are as synonymous with Bed Bath & Beyond as foot-long receipts are with CVS pharmacy and Kohl’s Cash with that retailer.

But Bed Bath & Beyond has begun to rein in its addiction to giving shoppers coupons—and their addiction to getting them—as a centerpiece of CEO Mark Tritton’s efforts in his first year at the helm to restore the long beloved but troubled home goods retailer to glory. That’s not to say Bed Bath & Beyond is done with coupons. But Tritton is done with giving shoppers discounts that fail to gin up sales—perhaps because customers don’t really want them: nearly half of all coupons go unused.

“We overflooded the market with coupons,” Tritton tells Fortune. What’s more, their overuse has muddled people’s sense of what Bed Bath & Beyond’s goods cost and are worth. He adds: “Customers don’t want to need a math degree to work out … Read the rest

Website Terminology Glossary: Ecommerce, Vol. 1 

When you’re hustling, time is money and that money comes in coins, not bills. It’s why we made our Website Terminology Glossary for web pros. This free resource for designers, developers, marketers or anyone else makes it easier explaining technical stuff to clients.

Rather than a lengthy back-and-forth, quickly find definitions that break it down in real terms. Start getting time back — and put more of those coins in the bank.

Website Terminology Glossary: Ecommerce, Vol. 1

Ecommerce can be tough because it requires so much follow-up by clients. It’s key to make sure you’re using language everyone understands to avoid missteps. These basic ecommerce terms are a good start to smoother communication.

Average order value (AOV)

This key measurement represents the average amount of money customers spends after a visit to an online store. Several things can affect AOV, like pricing, the way products are presented, and the … Read the rest

Celebrating LGBTQ entrepreneurs during Pride Month and beyond

In 2014, Robbi Katherine Anthony (who goes by RKA) felt like she had nowhere to turn for help. She had just come out as transgender and was urgently seeking support and resources. But the traditional, in-person support groups were a dead end for RKA — she found the members to be unhelpful and unkind.

Through the pain of her experience, she resolved to leverage the power of technology to create an accessible “instruction manual” for gender transition.

“I knew that technology has a way of leveling gatekeepers,” RKA wrote in a recent Fast Company op-ed. “If information is freely available, then people can choose for themselves how to act on that knowledge rather than first having to play by someone else’s rules.”

“There simply isn’t an argument I’ve heard that can explain how meeting at odd hours in a church basement could possibly be more equitable or accessible than an … Read the rest

Lucas Pate: Department 14 Marketing

Lucas Pate operates Department 14 Marketing, a St. Louis-based agency offering an array of services to help clients succeed online. Catch up with Lucas on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. 

The who:

Given a business name is so central to a brand, we tend to put a lot of importance on it. How did you arrive at a name, and how do you feel about it now that you’ve been in business a while?

I wanted a name that reflected my goal for the business — to be an extension of our clients’ marketing departments — which is why I landed on the name Department 14. I’ve never been into slapping my name all over a business or building, but I did want the business to reflect my involvement in some small way. The name Department reflects our goal to work like another department within the client’s business, and I chose … Read the rest

How skills training and a microloan helped Consuelo Rosales thrive through the pandemic

Consuelo Rosales, who owns a small cleaning services business in Jonesboro, Arkansas, draws strength from adversity. A Mexican immigrant and mother of three boys, Consuelo has faced plenty of it in recent years.

Trapped inside an abusive marriage, she decided to start her business with a clear objective in mind: making sure she’d earn enough to make ends meet as a single parent. Once the business got going, she found the strength to leave her husband. But as the business gained momentum with a growing stable of clients, the pandemic hit, and most of her business dried up.

That’s when she leaned on a website she had built with the help of Communities Unlimited, a nonprofit that she connected with through GoDaddy’s Empower social impact program that provides digital skills training and other support to people in the rural South.

Being online has allowed her to bring in an entirely … Read the rest

Featured GoDaddy Pro Members

Website Design Services from GoDaddy lets you rest easy knowing a modern, professionally designed website is around the corner. While it’s a great fit for most people, you might have more specific ideas or need functionality that can go beyond the scope of Website Design Services.

We’d like to introduce a few of our featured GoDaddy Pro Members who are ready to help.

Listed below, you’ll find featured GoDaddy Pro Members and links to their website for more information on what they provide. Please note, you will work directly with any featured Pro and any business done with a featured Pro is neither an extension of GoDaddy, nor a GoDaddy service.



Amy Masson | Sumy Designs, LLC
WordPress | General Business | Page Builders

About: We build every site with a strategy in mind to convert website visitors into customers. We understand how people use websites, and employ

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Q&A with Detroit Hives founders Timothy Paul Jackson and Nicole Lindsey

Today we’re speaking with Detroit Hives founders Timothy Paul Jackson and Nicole Lindsey. Initially starting with an idea to bring local raw honey to the Detroit area, Detroit Hives has expanded to include tours and education around their apiaries. Detroit Hives focuses on the conservation of bees, education about bees for locals, and the overall revitalization of the Detroit area. Read on to learn their story.

Q&A with Timothy Paul Jackson and Nicole Lindsey, founders of Detroit Hives

This interview has been gently edited for length and clarity.

GoDaddy: Tell us a bit about how you got started with Detroit Hives.

Timothy Paul Jackson: So around the summer of 2016, we came across an article in the newspaper where the city of Detroit currently had 90,000 vacant lots and they were looking for residents, non-profit organizations, and community block clubs to buy some of these vacant lots to address … Read the rest

Starting a new online business during the pandemic: Two COVID-era tales of renewal in Miami

The pandemic forced more than three-quarters of small businesses across the U.S. to temporarily close up shop in the spring of 2020, and thousands have since shut down for good.

But the COVID-19 pandemic also led to a record number of people trying to start their own businesses: 4.5 million filed new business applications in 2020, according to an analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data by the Economic Innovation Group.

That’s the highest number ever and a 24{fd6aea7e6a2888742764af34ead608f2c3373b57bd8a17fe1f4135b900e329d6} increase from 2019.


And the momentum isn’t slowing. The Census Bureau says 492,000 new business applications were received in January 2021, a 43{fd6aea7e6a2888742764af34ead608f2c3373b57bd8a17fe1f4135b900e329d6} jump over the previous month. Many more informal businesses are believed to have been created, often as side hustles, but never registered.

Few cities saw more aspiring entrepreneurs than Miami. Although new business creation was not distributed evenly across racial and socio-economic lines, green shoots of entrepreneurship popped … Read the rest