Best Online Slots to Play in New Zealand

Best Online Slots to Play in New Zealand


Everybody loves a spin on an online slot these days, but in New Zealand people are completely bonkers for pokies, simply because there are so many quality online slots to play in 2021.

Seriously, for kiwis it can be seriously hard to choose from the best slots 2021 to play because there are so many excellent choices available. We’re here to help though, keep reading for the best online slots to play in New Zealand.

New Zealand: A great place for online slots

Out of all the countries in the world the wonderful island nation of New Zealand has one of the most intense passions for playing online slots, colloquially often known as pokies. There are several reasons for this, however the main one is that, like in the UK, New Zealand authorities have passed a series of motions and laws that allow for online casino companies to thrive, whilst also being kept in check.

As a result you can play so many different online slots in New Zealand at various slot sites, and that is before you even consider the land-based slots available. It is no wonder that so many kiwis love spinning the reels of pokies these days! 

What makes the best online slots to play in New Zealand so good?

Right then, before we get into some real-life examples of the best online slots to play in New Zealand we thought we would take a look at what exactly it is that makes these games so good. Here are some common traits that the very best online slots in the world will always have:

  •       Exhilarating bonus rounds: We’ve known for several years that the top rated online slots need to have lucrative bonus rounds, but these days they also need to be exhilarating. Modern online slot technology has got to the point where developers are able to make bonus rounds almost like little mini-games, ramping up the excitement quite considerably!
  •       Innovative game mechanics: The standard online slot formula has seen quite a few changes in recent years, with things like Big Time Gaming’s Megaways invention becoming a standard. All the best modern slots will have innovative game mechanics to keep things fresh.
  •       Bigger and better jackpots: As the online slot industry continues to grow so too does the size of the jackpots that are being offered, another thing which is often the case with the best slots available at the moment. Because let’s face it, it’s never easy to say no to a potentially life changing jackpot.

Here are the best online slots to play in New Zealand

And now onto some actual concrete examples of the best online slots to play in New Zealand. If you’re looking for some quality pokies to get stuck into take a look at some of these:

  •       Guns N Roses: One of the most adored rock bands in New Zealand gets the pokie treatment by NetEnt in this incredible online slot infused with all of the Guns N Roses classics.
  •       TED Megaways: The original TED made by Blueprint Gaming was brilliant, but they have taken it to the next level with TED Megaways, offering a bliding 100,000+ ways to win.