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Contractors not confident in client IR35 decisions

More than half of contractors don’t believe their end-client is ready for IR35, despite there being just one week before the deadline.

In its survey of IR35 experts also found that contracting professionals felt they were more ready for the changes themselves, with 73% of respondents stating that they felt prepared or somewhat prepared for the upcoming IR35 reform.

The data did reveal some worrying trends that could impact the availability of contract talent in the immediate future. Overall, 69% of contractors said that if they were deemed inside IR35 they would either leave or charge a higher fee, with just 14% stating that they would accept an inside IR35 decision.

This potential exodus of contractors from talent pools is further exacerbated by the struggles this group have faced over the last year. According to research conducted by specialist insurance broker Kingsbridge, a staggering 70% of contractors have gone without … Read the rest

March 2021 Hub updates: changelog & releases

We built the Hub by GoDaddy Pro to streamline workflows and shave time off tasks that typically eat up a workday. But we aren’t done yet. You can keep track of our progress here, as we regularly publish our updates to this platform custom made for web designer and developers.

March 2021 Hub updates:

Code snippet tool — You can execute custom code right from the Hub, without signing in to a website. This time-saving feature eliminates the need for plugins to run commands like list files, check file readability, remove default widgets and more. It’s easy to save, edit and delete snippets to reuse them without re-entering code. To find the code snippet tool, go to the Sites section of the Hub, click into a single website, and then from the Misc menu, select Code Snippets.

Adding sites to projects — When you’re running a project, you … Read the rest

Top Ten Biggest International Marketing Mistakes Of All Time

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what jobs do international business majors get

Money laundering is the process of moving money from the illegitimate to the legitimate economy. BBC Studios is the latest public media group to support Pocket Casts. Today, the free-to-download podcasting platform announced an investment from BBC Studios, as well as new funding from its existing public media partners: NPR, WNYC Studios and WBEZ Chicago. rexrothpneumatics And, before you start, don’t forget to ensure that enough budget, time and people have been allocated so that the project is at least feasible at the outset. A bachelor’s degree is the most common level of education achieved by those in careers related to international business, with approximately 24.6% of workers getting one. Find out … Read the rest

Outspoken mentor says autism makes him a better businessman

A veteran mentor diagnosed as autistic at the age of 54 who says it makes him a better businessman is publishing his new book.

As National Autism Month gets under way, Jon McCulloch is sharing his expertise to help men and women in construction and the trades supercharge their businesses and profits.

Jon, now 56, also widely known as the Evil Bald Genius, is the author of Get Off the Tools – The Smart Tradesman’s Business Bible, published in World

Described as a blueprint to help change the way you think about your business, the book focuses on Jon’s renowned Trades Accelerator Model.

Jon, who blogs about autism at Unapologetically Autistic has made his work available in print and online.

In it, he rails against “snowflakes” and offers a straightforward plan to financial success – for different types of self-employed tradesmen he dubs wallowers, followers, fighters, and flyers.

He says:” … Read the rest

Stack up, back up: Practice safe web dev on World Backup Day 

If there were a formal education for budding web designers and developers, it would need to include something like that cringey class we all had to endure as teenagers. You remember… diving into the facts of life?

In the web professional curriculum, World Backup Day would be a particularly important event.

See, without website backups, web designers and developers aren’t practicing safe web dev. Any Maker of the Web who’s created a project stack should be sure it includes backups — stack up, back up.

Imagine getting that frantic call in the middle of the night. Often, it’s a manageable situation: reliable backups at least ensure there’s a place to begin rebuilding. Although World Backup Day encourages people in general to back up their data, it’s a particularly important reminder when a client’s online presence hangs in the balance.

World Backup Day PSA
This nifty PSA was create in a matter of minutes using
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Business Analyst Finance Domain Sample Resume

The ultimate goal is however to achieve the Sponsorship from the Corporate Management Team. He is recognized for his commitment to CDPQ, his accessibility and his integrity.

facebook product manager salary san francisco

If your company has a call center or customer support personnel that answer phones for technical support, orders or product information, you may need a consultant to provide insight into increasing your productivity and efficiency. Financial services account for 35% of the city’s income and is called the financial capital of the world. rexrothpneumatics It is home to the New York Stock Exchange, the largest stock exchange of the world in Wall Street. Names like Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs Group, Lehman Brothers, and Philip Morris International are present in the city. After the global recession struck in 2008, over three hundred banks had to be shut down in America and many in the accounting sector lost jobs. … Read the rest

Google Maps to start showing eco-friendly routes

Google Maps will start directing drivers to routes it calculates to be the most eco-friendly based on a list of factors.

The search engine said it will highlight journeys that generate the lowest carbon footprint using mainly traffic data and road inclines.

Google said the feature would launch first in the US later this year “with a global expansion on the way”.

The new feature is part of its commitment to fight climate change.

When launched, the default route on the Google Maps app will be the “eco-friendly” option, unless users choose to opt out of it.

When alternative routes are significantly faster, Google will offer choices and let users compare estimated emissions.

“What we are seeing is for around half of routes, we are able to find an option more eco-friendly with minimal or no time-cost trade-off,” Russell Dicker, a director of product at Google said.

The search engine, … Read the rest

GoForth — New GoDaddy series celebrates brave adventurers

“Sharing our passion is really important. I think that if you have the ability to make it a career, then why not?” ~Lizzy VanPatten, She Moves Mountains

Many Americans spend their days working at jobs that don’t fulfill them, but there are a select few brave enough to chase adventure​ and make a living doing what they love.

Their pioneering spirit drives these entrepreneurs to turn their​ lifestyles into businesses inspired by adventure. ​

​GoDaddy is proud to present “GoForth,” a digital series that unpacks how three entrepreneurs hustle, innovate, and find balance as they​ strive for success both in business and adventure.

It will inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in all of us to go after​ our own dreams instead of punching the clock.


The four episodes follow Jesse Thomas, professional triathlete and founder of Picky Bars; Lizzy VanPatten, rock climber and founder of She Moves Mountains; and Mattias … Read the rest

Leading A Website Redesign Team

Often the benefits of gathering feedback and data in a consistent, dependable manner are compromised during an implementation that is focused too heavily at a transactional level.

senior product manager salary los angeles

One unfamiliar with the Republic of Korea, or South Korea as it is more commonly known, may immediately associate the country with its short yet significant war against its neighbor to the north in the 1950s. In reality, the term Technical Product Manager describes a person, not a role. Specifically, it describes a Product Manager who has a technical background and works on a technology product. It does not describe a Product Manager who needs to actually perform technical tasks, such as software architecting and coding. The same goes for a Product Development Manager. They are not actually developing the product—they are performing a Product Management role in close coordination with a Software Development Team. Leaders are … Read the rest

Employers: avoid mental health issues at work by lowering stress for yourself and your team

It’s a seemingly silent killer of mood and health. As Stress Awareness Month begins on the 1st April, often regulated to business owners, even PAYE employees have had to live with uncertainty of whether they will be paid at the end of each month.

Over the course of a full year dealing with Covid-19, the sheer amount of cortisol, the hormone released when you are stressed, likely reached dangerous levels within most of the UK’s population. This can have adverse affects on memory function, sleep and overall health – both mental and physical.

Stress at work has been difficult to separate from stress at home. Social isolation and anxiety have also taken a huge toll: enquiries to private healthcare services about depression were 42% higher in January 2021 than in January 2020, with a 21% increase in enquiries about anxiety disorders over the same period.

Dr Ian Nnatu, a consultant Read the rest