Watch 50 Minutes of the Fenix Simulations A320 Pneumatic Systems – FSElite

Watch 50 Minutes of the Fenix Simulations A320 Pneumatic Systems – FSElite

We’ve known since the initial reveal that the Fenix Simulations A320 would be a high-fidelity aircraft product, but the latest feature review continues to cement that idea. Whilst usually the feature reviews are reserved for in-depth text pieces, this week the team decided to take to YouTube to bring a 50-minute presentation focusing on the pneumatic systems.

This video goes deep into the systems and inner workings of the aircraft simulation that Fenix Simulations are creating with their A320. From how the packs work and interact with various systems to the air conditioning units, this video covers a lot of information. Aamir presents a range of technical information during the presentation, but for those that really want to learn the aircraft, this is a great video. What this video really starts to highlight is that the Fenix Simulations A320 is a living, breathing machine that reacts to both the pilot input and also the environment outside.

Grab some tea, a bag of popcorn and watch as Aamir takes you through the pneumatic systems onboard the A320 from Fenix Simulations.

Want to find out more about the Fenix Simulations A320? There have been two in-depth previews so far; one on the FMGS/MCDU and another on the hydraulics and fuel. If that’s not enough, check out our first look impression article or the original announcement post. If you have a burning question, our FAQ article will help you out. There was also recently a great showcase of some retro liveries, which you can view here. Finally, check out this video of the A320 in action as it approaches Sydney for an ILS landing.


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