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What if there’s no power – how do I control my pneumatic circuit?


With the advent of the small PLC’s (programmable logic controllers), the Logo or the Pico to name just a couple, controlling pneumatic circuits can be achieved with high reliability, low complexity, and at a relatively low cost with one of the currently available, easy to program controllers.

That’s all well and good for the vast majority of applications that occur in a plant environment that offers electricity. But what if yours doesn’t? Or, what if you would prefer to have a non-electrical compressed air circuit, one that is, perhaps, located in an explosive or fire hazard location?

Years ago, there were no options but using air logic to control compressed air applications. For more modern applications that may need to operate without electricity, air logic still offers a viable alternative.

There are commercially and readily available air logic elements that will help you design the air-only pneumatic circuit.


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