Volkmann Deagglomeraters Meet Target Particle Size

Bristol, PA: Lump breakers from process equipment manufacturer Volkmann USA, Bristol, PA (https://www.volkmannusa.com), automatically return materials that have agglomerated in storage into free-flowing powders. Typically installed at bulk bag unloaders, silos, and hoppers as an upstream companion to pneumatic vacuum conveying systems, the Volkmann lump breakers ensure the material meets the desired particle size before entering the conveying system for transfer to mixing, reacting, or other processes. As material enters the lump breaker, a series of up to a dozen blades rotates to remove lumps and chunks, discharging material in a consistent flow downstream while capturing any dust generated safely within the enclosed system.

Available in two standard sizes to meet nearly any throughput requirements, the Volkmann lump breakers feature stainless steel construction as standard, disassemble easily for cleaning, and are ATEX-certified as explosion-proof for providing a high level of ignition protection in a variety of hazardous dust and gas environments. An electropneumatic compact controller synchronizes with the company’s pneumatic vacuum conveyor controller to automatically activate the lump breaker during the suction cycle while a mobility package, bearing temperature controller, and automated compressed air flushing system are also available as options.

The lump breakers may be tested in the company’s Bristol, PA test laboratory with fully operating pneumatic vacuum conveying systems and auxiliary equipment. Testing may be viewed live on-site or streamed live online.

For more information, contact Volkmann USA, 1900 Frost Road Suite 102, Bristol, PA 19007; 609.265.0101; contact@volkmannusa.com; www.Volkmannusa.com.

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