You have decided that it is time for your laboratory to switch from traditional stir plates to motorless magnetic stirring with stir bars. After all, you are always busy in the laboratory and constantly developing new ingredients combinations. The lab has not seen much action since you got that new stir plate with the cool-looking stirring bar. That is, until now. While you are at it, consider these five factors.

1. Power

The power of a motorless stir plate is measured in amperes of rotational torque of the stirring bar. Ensure that the magnetic stirring device has enough strength to go against all your ingredients.

2. Digital Display

A digital display makes a stirrer more user-friendly and easier to use as it provides clear readings of torque, rotation speed, and interface. Ensure you consider the efficiency of your stirrer’s digital display before purchasing it from any online platform such as rexroth pneumatics.

3. Remote Control

A remote control eliminates the need to walk over to the stirrer every time you change the stirring speed. A remote control gives you that much-needed freedom to sit or stand anywhere in your laboratory while still being able to operate it from a distance.

4. Timer and Speed Settings

A magnetic stirrer with a timer further eliminates the need to be constantly present if you forget to switch it off. Some models even allow speed settings, giving you more control over stirring.

5. Operation

Always check whether the motorless magnetic stirrer is suitable for your laboratory environment or whether it will block your way or interfere with your work. While most motorless stirrers do not require installation, some may need an electrician to provide them with power and plug them in accordingly.

Motorless magnetic stirrers cost less than traditional stir plates, and they are safer since you never have to worry about touching a hot plate or having the stirring bar touch your skin. They are easy to set up and use, and they come with additional features for convenience.

Motorless magnetic stirrers operate without electricity or batteries, requiring you to push them down on a surface to start stirring at the desired speed. Some models will not even need you to touch them since you can control them remotely. Choose carefully based on your laboratory needs and research before purchasing to ensure that the mixing device is suitable for your lab.